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Jumper's Knee (Patella Tendinitis)

Jumper's Knee, or Patella Tendinitis (sometimes known as 'tendonitis'), is a painful overuse injury typified by pain at the front of the knee, under the kneecap

Jumpers knee pain and patella tendinitis or tendonitis

Causes can be extrinsic (e.g. inappropriate footwear, training on hard surfaces and increasing training levels too quickly) or intrinsic (e.g. joint alignment, age and flexibility).

The result is damage to the patella tendon, which can lead to pain and inflammation.

How can an Active650 Patella Support Help?

An Active650 Patella Support is designed to:

  • Give targeted support to the patella tendon
  • Reduce the stress on the area, helping to unload and rest the tissue
  • Improve alignment and tracking
  • Bring comfort and pain relief

All of which help you return to activity faster.