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Patella Support

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Measure the circumference of your leg just underneath the knee cap

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MegaStretch Black

A Support for Patella and Patella Tendon Pain

The Active650 Patella Support is the most comfortable and effective patella specific support available. It provides targeted, double layer protection for the patella tendon and helps hold the kneecap in the correct alignment.

Kneecap pain and patella tendon pain relief

    Whilst many velcro patella straps simply force the kneecap and tendon back into the knee joint, the Active650 Patella Support uses the correct amount of compression to hold the tissues securely while allowing a full range of movement.

    The Patella Support is designed to:

    • Target the patella tendon
    • Ease pain
    • Help with Osgood Schlatter's Disease symptoms
    • Hold the patella in correct alignment
    • Reduce loads and stress to the patellar structures
    • Increase movement range
    • Aid recovery and rehabilitation

    The Active650 Difference

    Unique fabric with superior stretch 
    Unrivalled comfort
    Allows full range of movement
    Will not slip

      Proper fit is Very Important

      • If you measure on the border please select the next size up.
      • Please measure the circumference immediately under your patella (kneecap), with a straight leg.


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