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Wrist Support


18cm & under

7" & under








24.5cm & up

10" & up

Measure the flat of your hand near to the thumb

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MegaStretch Black

Lightweight and Effective Wrist Supports  

Active650 Wrist Supports are recommended for most causes of wrist pain and discomfort as they provide comfort, pain relief, warmth and increased blood flow to the wrist and surrounding tissue.

Wrist pain, repetitive strain and carpal tunnel symptoms

Wrist problems can present as one, or a combination of, the following:

  • Difficulty in gripping
  • Numbness in fingers / hand
  • Swelling
  • Pain

If the joint is swollen, ice therapy and compression can be used to reduce the swelling and help with pain relief.  An Active650 Wrist Support is both lightweight and incredibly comfortable so can be worn for longer periods. The unique MegaStretch fabric allows the joint to move without restriction whilst at the same time providing pain relieving warmth and support to the joint.

The Active650 Difference

Unique fabric with superior stretch 
Unrivalled comfort
Allows full range of movement
Will not slip

Proper fit is Very Important

  • If you measure on the border please select the next size up.
  • Please measure the circumference of your flat hand, near to the thumb.


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